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Linux Version? Please.


I've played the demo for the game, so my review might not cover all content. Anyway, from what I did experience, I've got some mixed feelings.

First of all, the game looks very nice graphic-wise. I like the design of the characters and enemies. The combat system was fun too, as were the animations in general.

However, the game was a bit confusing. The main thing being, I had no clue where to go. The amount of stars needed, how many were left.. 

I was not able to finish the demo though. I'm horrible at platformers, so did not make it through the second level.

That all being said, I've made a little video on my playthrough. Hope you enjoy it! 


did you seriously have to do it with money?!


Hello, I did a video of this game but YouTube didn't like the quality so I replaced it, again great game.

loved the demo!! Keep up the good work!!


I've been watching your content since the original Glass Wings and one thing that charms me about all the works you developed the both technical achievements from doing 3d using Game Maker and creating a great aesthetics to both the backgrounds and characters you make. Keep up the good work :) 

Gee thanks! Really makes me happy when people tell me what they appreciate in my work!